About Us

Forma Fiberglass is a subsidiary of Forma Group, and was established in 2018 to provide excellent quality fiberglass products and related services.

We manufacture industrial, construction, and standard / custom decorative products at our production facility in Doha. Our factory is equipped with state of the art machinery and our team consists of highly skilled mould makers and laminators.


Our manufacturing processes are governed by strict quality control, starting from raw material up to completed end product to ensure that all clients’ requirements and specifications are strictly adhered to.

Glass reinforced plastic can be designed to withstand many end user requirements. There are numerous types of resin, reinforcements, additives, and manufacturing processes enabling GRP to cover broad service temperature ranges, electrical insulation properties, high abrasion resistance, and low flammability among other properties.

Our experienced engineering team is available to support our clients during their design and execution to ensure an optimum product is designed and delivered in a cost and time efficient manner.

International Standards
Experienced Team
Lean Production
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Solution Provider
State Of The Art Machinery