Welcome to the magical world of Booza, where the traditional east meets the modern west. Get immersed in a concept that welcomes an array of cultures by experiencing “the original” stretchy ice cream prepared using Levantine techniques that were developed 500 years ago in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Our distinct production process along with the use of ingredients like sahlab and mastic distinguishes our ice cream from all the others, making it unique by giving it a richer, creamier, smoother and denser taste. Booza ice cream also takes more time to melt, giving it a “chewy” texture that emphasizes the flavours dramatically.

Throughout the years, Booza stretchy ice cream has only been available in one flavour called “Qashta” or “Ashta”, of which the main ingredient is clotted cream.

Today at Booza, we have adapted our Middle Eastern identity to a wide variety of oriental and western blends by maintaining the same stretchy dense texture across all flavours.

We are dedicated in choosing the finest ingredients and take a lot of pride in our locally made ice cream. We truly believe that ice cream should be made with pride, passion and integrity churned into every glorious mouthful.