Forma Woodwork, a subsidiary of Forma Group, saw the light in 2015 with the objective to fill an obvious gap in the local woodwork industry. 

At Forma Woodwork, we offer precise quality wooden works and interior designs tailored to various creative requirements of our local and regional clients. We are driven by our commitment to ensure that our clients get the highest standard products and services possible, tailored to their taste and requirements for their living and/or working spaces. 

By using the highest grade selection of wood, state of the art machinery, and several teams of industry professionals, we guarantee exceptional quality, precision, and durability in every job we undertake, regardless of the size and challenges of the project we are entitled to handle.

At Forma Woodwork, we strongly believe that our workforce is the core of our success; our group of professionals are carefully selected and trained to constantly enhance their creative skills, maintain close attention to detail, and accurately deliver projects on time. 

Our multi-functional team of experts that consists of supervisors, designers, carpenters, painters, and carvers, are eager to assist you with your woodwork projects while always guaranteeing top notch service and quality of craftsmanship that no local competitor can match.

International Standards
Experienced Team
Lean Production
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Solution Provider
State Of The Art Machinery